Longa Nakryse Longa Nakriz by Said Chraibi

by Majnuun Music & Dance on July 12, 2013, 2 comments

Here we are sharing with you this video where Navid is playing Said Chraibi’s solo oud piece, called Longa Nakryse (Longa Nakriz). Enjoy!

Navid’s most favorite Oud player is Said Chraibi. The piece Longa Nakryse comes from Chraibi’s first solo Oud album released in 1997 under the name Ud. Said Chraibi is a North African Oud player from Morocco. Navid is not only inspired by Chraibi’s technique but also his phrasing when improvising and the intricate melodies he creates. Another aspect of Chraibi’s style that Navid enjoys is the sound that Chraibi achieves when playing Oud. The attack is quite sharp and strong. Chraibi is also known for playing Andalusian music and he has sometimes collaborated with Guitar players as well.

In recent years there have been more videos released on youtube by fans of Said Chraibi. We hope this increases because we would love to see more performances. We may post more videos of covers of Chraibi’s tunes. They are great practice to play and technically challenging. This is an Oud player whose music you must become acquainted with.

In the future, we hope to release a video with Navid performing Chraibi’s piece Nouzha with dance accompaniment by Mao. Chraibi’s music shows true Andalusian flavour and spirit.

Album cover of Said Chraibi's album, Ud.

Album cover of Said Chraibi’s album, Ud. Click the image for an album review and description.

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2 thoughts on “Longa Nakryse Longa Nakriz by Said Chraibi

  1. Hi Navid !
    I finished last week-end a workshop with mohamed abozekry. That was excellent ! We worked on Longa nakriz but without sheet music. If you have it could you share it please ?!
    We spoke about your work with oud students We like your pedgogical videos. I hope you don’t want to stop ! We follow you from France 😉
    See you on the net

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