A Sneak Peek at Majnuun’s New Piece for Cabaret Orientale

by Navid Goldrick on April 22, 2014, no comments

Today I want to give you a sneak peek at our special piece that we are performing this Saturday, April 26 at Cabaret Orientale.

It is a very special piece for us for 2 reasons.

First, Lynn is joining us to play the flute in this piece. I’ve known Lynn for many years, and she is a biochemistry scientist who is completing her PhD program this May (check out her cool science blog that makes science more interesting) and a flute player…. how cool is that!? We have had some fun rehearsals since last November, always accompanied with potluck meals. Her boyfriend has been very supportive of our rehearsals too. He has driven Lynn to our place for every rehearsal, brought food, and patiently waited through our practice.

This makes me think of how art work is often created based on much team work and support from others behind the scene. And this performance is definitely going to be a piece of such art work.

Second, all 4 of us – me, Navid, Lynn and her boyfriend – are going through career changes which could potentially have a big impact on our lives. This piece was inspired by that. We are all trying to grow and learn. We long to be where we dream to be, and we have our own ambitions. Like a bird learning to fly and explore the world.

I will keep the music a surprise, but from our rehearsals, I can say one thing: Navid’s Oud and Lynn’s Flute sounds so awesome together! Navid has done a great job creating the percussion track as well. I envisioned some serious, deep, emotional moments and fun, lighthearted moments in this piece, and they created exactly it. I have put a lot of thoughts and passion into this piece as well. I hope my dancing will come out as good as the music! (And I am constantly reminding myself of the Imperfectionist Manifesto whenever I feel less confident.)

Now my costume… this will be a surprise too, but you can take a peek at it here.

If you’re craving some live music or dance fix, come out to the Columbia Theatre this Saturday. The venue is very cool to check out as well, and you can enjoy food and drinks while you watch the show. Buy tickets here.

Hope to see you there!


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