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DIY Dina Bra Base

by Majnuun Music & Dance on July 16, 2014, no comments

Have you always wanted a Dina-style belly dance costume? I love the cute, playful look of the Dina bra. This style of belly dance bra is often called the Dina bra, because a legendary belly dancer named Dina would sport it and has become an iconic look. Nowadays many designer costumes use this style. I’ve […]

DIY Belly Dance Armbands with Drapes

by Majnuun Music & Dance on April 10, 2014, no comments

Armbands look pretty easy to make, right? Right. And they can be, if you are just making armbands with nothing attached to them. I have been working on a choreography that made me want a piece of costume that is flowy but not as big as a veil. So I decided to make arm bands with […]

DIY White Floral & Gem Belly Dance Belt

by Majnuun Music & Dance on March 28, 2014, no comments

A couple of weeks ago, I did a post and video on how to make this white floral & gem design for a belly dance costume bra. This week, I want to share with you how I made a matching belly dance belt from scratch. By the end of this video, you will know how […]

Dastgah Segah – Persian Music Continued

by Majnuun Music & Dance on March 21, 2014, no comments

  Dastgah Segah is very interesting… It is very exotic to the Western ear particularly because it begins on a note that is never often heard as a tonic. It begins on E quarter flat. This creates an interesting sound because it is out of phase with the pitches that are used as the open […]

DIY White Floral & Gem Belly Dance Bra

by Majnuun Music & Dance on March 15, 2014, 4 comments

Flowers and gems… these are girls’ best friends, aren’t they? The other day, I was browsing through DIY arts & crafts videos on YouTube, and encountered a video titled “DIY EDC bra.” I didn’t know what EDC meant (EDC = Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas), but the thumbnail showed this pretty bra with shiny […]

Bayat-e Kord – Persian Music Continued

by Majnuun Music & Dance on March 7, 2014, no comments

Welcome to the first podcast of Majnuun Music and Dance. This is a new avenue that I wanted to try. I think it will be easier for people to grasp what I’m talking about when they listen and hear the melodies right away.   This podcast is all about another sub-dastgah of Shur called Bayat-e […]

Dance Photography: 5 Tips on How to Pose for Pictures

by Majnuun Music & Dance on February 28, 2014, 2 comments

Are you a photogenic dancer? In the last few years, I have realized again and again an important fact about being a dancer: people take photos of you and how the photos turn out is almost as important as your performance itself. Photo by Frank Kovalchek

Avaz-e Dashti – Persian Music Continued – The Oud Geek

by Majnuun Music & Dance on February 21, 2014, no comments

          In this post you will hear Avaz-e Dashti, the haunting sound of the desert. Dasht means desert in Farsi. It is a soulful longing that is heard in Dashti. It is the howling winds, and the endless quiet of the desert. All these sounds can be heard in Dashti. Until […]

How to Fix Squashed Belly Dance Costume Bra with Fruit – No Sew!

by Majnuun Music & Dance on February 15, 2014, no comments

Have you got disappointed when you buy a belly dance costume only to realize the bra cups are squashed or look wonky? I have had a set of pink costume, and I have worn it and performed in it a couple of times now. But each time, I kept on noticing the cup on the […]

Avaz-e Afshari – Persian Music Continued

by Majnuun Music & Dance on February 7, 2014, no comments

Afshari   Avaz-e Afshari is another sub-dastgah of Shur. It is very short and only has three gushe in the Radif of Mirza Abdollah, but it is very expressive and particular. In the recording you will hear we are using the root of Shur in D, or jins Bayati from D.   “qb” = quarter […]