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Dastgah Segah – Persian Music Continued

by Majnuun Music & Dance on March 21, 2014, no comments

  Dastgah Segah is very interesting… It is very exotic to the Western ear particularly because it begins on a note that is never often heard as a tonic. It begins on E quarter flat. This creates an interesting sound because it is out of phase with the pitches that are used as the open […]

Dastgah Homayoun & Esfahan – Persian Music Continued

by Majnuun Music & Dance on December 10, 2013, 2 comments

  In continuing our discussion about Persian Dastgah system and Radif, I will now discuss the next “scale” that is most familiar to Western ears. This is our equivalent to any harmonic minor scale, except with the ABSENCE of equal temperament and the ADDITION of a few quartertones.   In the last article, I discussed […]

Oud Lessons: Oud For Guitarists-The Making

by Majnuun Music & Dance on July 19, 2013, no comments

Oud Lessons For Guitarists Oud For Guitarists all began with one simple desire, to make learning Middle Eastern music easy for people with a western background in music. There is a lot of exotic mystery surrounding Middle Eastern music even today, but there is an ever growing interest in Arabic, Turkish and Persian music, particularly […]